Backed up by our proprietary IT placement system UNIKexperience©, we will take you and your candidates seamlessly through the hiring process.

  • You will have more choice as we have thousands of candidates in our incomparable database. We have taken years to develop this tool and fine tune its capabilities unique to the IT environment.
  • Since this is a specialized IT placement system, you will have better quality candidates presented to you.
  • You will have more information at your disposal to select the right candidates. Through our pre-qualification processes, candidates can be indentified to you quickly. Your interview process will be streamlined, as you will not have to go through so many candidates. UNIKexperience© will provide you with all the candidate details you need.
  • You will be able to access "hard-to-find" candidates ― those purple squirrels ― through the relationships we have developed with passive job seekers. Their profiles continue to be updated and many more are added daily using UNIKexperience©.